Visa EB-5 to the USA

No requirements for the education, age, knowledge of English

No requirement to have siblings in the USA

Your family will obtain the investor visa as well

An opportunity for the whole family to fully immigrate to the USA

You and your family have a right to use the services of all the government institutions

An opportunity to get citizenship in the future and get free entry to more than 178 countries in the world

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Stages of obtaining the visa EB-5:

5 stages

Sign a contract


Prepare documents and review the case


Considering the case


Obtaining visa


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Условия и требования для получения

  • Age 18 y.o. and older
  • You must establish a company on the territory of the USA or invest in the target region of the USA
  • Create at least 10 full-time jobs for qualified employees
  • Maintain the headcount of the company for at least two years (for your own business)
  • Have a perfect business reputation
  • No criminal records and criminal past
  • Show the origin of the invested funds
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