No requirements for: education, age, knowledge of English

An opportunity to live, work, run a business, and get an education in the USA.

Your family will get an investor visa as well

You and your family have an opportunity to use the services of all government institutions

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    Stages of obtaining the investor visa

    3 stages
    • Sign a contract
      The contract is concluded at the office of our company or remotely after reviewing your documents and deciding to start cooperation. At this stage, it is enough to provide copies of the foreign passports of family members, which will be submitted together with you at E-2.
    • Prepare documents and review the case
      We develop the business plan, you make an investment, our lawyer fills a petition.
    • Obtaining visa
      Once approved, you will receive a visa from the consulate or a change of status notification if the petition was filed from the United States. Since now we remain assistants in any questions that appear.

    Conditions and requirements to obtain a visa

    • Your age must be 18 y.o. and older
    • A perfect business reputation
    • You must have a right to apply for the E-2 visa
    • Show the origin of your investments 
    • Invest in the business project (recommended amount starts from 100 000$)
    • No criminal records and criminal past

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