through the residence permit in Aruba

Citizenship of the Netherlands
from 250 000 €

Варианты инвестиций

  • New buildings 2020
  • Guaranteed profitability objects
  • Buildings under construction in 2021-2022

Срок получения ПМЖ

Promised term: 2-6 months

Real term: 6-8 months

26/11/2022 дата последнего полученного клиентом ПМЖ

Immediate free entry to the country

Life in any country of the EU

You and your family become full citizens of the EU

No residence requirement in the country

Citizenship is available to:
  • Spouse
  • Children not married
  • Financially dependent parents
  • Disabled children, regardless of their age

Наши офисы есть в России
и Казахстане