for FIP

The residence
permit of Austria
from 36 000 €

The residence <br> permit of Austria
The residence <br> permit of Austria

Варианты инвестиций

  • Source of passive income
  • Purchasing or renting a property
  • Available fund in the account
  • Knowledge of German at A1 level


  • starting a business

Срок получения ВНЖ

Promised term: 2-3 months

Real term: 3-5 months

08/11/2022 дата последнего полученного клиентом ВНЖ

Immediate free entry to the EU

Life in any country of the EU

We will fully issue a residence permit for you

  • We will help to collect all the documents
  • We will provide free entry to Austria
  • We will show you all the available objects in Austria
  • We will help you to buy the best one and will not charge the commission from the investment object
  • After that, we will rent it out
A residence permit is also available to:
  • Spouse
  • Children not married
  • Financially dependent parents
  • Disabled children, regardless of their age

Наши офисы есть в России
и Казахстане